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Our premium organic and all-natural Terra Zest is a special blend of manure, sawdust, and hygroscopic fiber (wool). We combine these products carefully to ensure your plants, lawn, trees or garden vegetables can get the full nutritional value needed for root development. Our premium Terra Zest will help your soil retain moisture and works as a slow-release fertilizer that lasts all year long,
(unlike chemical fertilizers that only last for a few weeks), and our Terra Zest won’t burn your lawn or plants. It is safe for use around children or pets immediately after use.


Terra Zest for your garden, flower beds, or anywhere you want to improve your soil and retain moisture. 

Try planting your tomatoes straight into Terra Zest, you will love the results!


Price is per cubic yard (about a pickup load), and will cover about 162 sqft 2 inches deep. 

Quantity is by the yard. 
Add in the comments when your prefered delivery date and we will call to finalize. 

Compost -Terra Zest